Unique Colour Changing Flowers

Hydrangea cut flowers come in a huge range of colours including every shade of red, pink and purple as well as in white, green and blue.

There are also colour combinations such as green and red, purple and green and flowers with different coloured margins.


Hydrangeas’ colour-changing flowers are unique. During flowering the flowers change colour.

Their original colour blends with various shades of green. Once they have completed their colour change, they end up an autumnal red.


Cutting the stems stops the colour changing process. The grower decides the colour at the moment he cuts the flowers. You can recognise them easily by the addition ‘classic’ in their name.

Some cut flower Hydrangeas have a stem length of 30 to 50 cm. The most spectacular specimens have a stem length of 80 cm and more. Therefore you can easily create a high or low eye catcher in your home.

Cut-flower Hydrangeas are available year round, with the best offer during the months of May to November. After changing colour, the ‘classic’ flowers are available from June to the end of November.