• Anthurium Pistache
  • Floral foam
  • Cornus
  • Viburnum Opulus Compactum
  • Pincusion
  • Anthurium Choco
  • Anthurium Tropical
  • ceramic base brown
  • Phormium

Bouquet Tales and Bloomtube produce wonderful inspirational pictures and videos for florist to get inspired. This time we like to show you the Autumn Rhythm creation by Joan Stam. Rhythmical shapes give an aspect of rest and structure to an arrangement. Even if other materials are processed in a natural manner, the whole will look peaceful and harmonious.

Flower preperation

Step 1
Place a block of well-drenched oasis at the bottom of the container. The life of the flowers is prolonged by adding flower nutrition to the water in which the oasis is drenched.
Step 2
If the oasis is placed sufficiently deep into the container, then further finishing is not necessary and a beautiful natural effect is created as if the materials are growing from out of the container. Place Cronus of two colours parallel into the container, it is important to retain sufficient transparency within the group of Cornus stems.
Step 3
Remove all the foliage from the Viburnum berries. This easily turns yellow and makes to whole too voluminous. Let the berries stick out from the basis of the arrangement in a natural manner. Insert some Pandanus leaves between the Cornus stems in order to emphasize the length and the rhythmic effect.

Flower arranging

Step 4
The Nutan flowers are processed with their full length in natural manner. In this manner various layers of materials are created in this arrangement.
Step 5
If the Anthurium stems are not sufficiently long they can be processed with a tube.
Step 6
Process two shades of Anthurium flowers into the group with Nutam flowers. The minimal use of leaf material results in a clear transparent effect and due to this the emphasis is completely on the flowers.

Flower arranging