OUTDOOR LILIUM SEASON STARTED! The outdoor season for Liliums started! Liliums grown outdoors are just a bit different than the Liliums from the greenhouse. Just like Tulips, Liliums strive outside the greenhouse during the summer in the sand and sun. Lilium grown outdoors have several advantages: Overall stronger flowers Sturdy stems Intense colours Better vase-life [...]


GET THE GERBERA PARTY STARTED! Do you want some Gerbera inspiration for a perfect festive arrangement? We have our top 5 arrangements picked out for you, so you can impress your friends with the most beautiful piece of flower art in your garden or on your table. 1# ROCK’N ROLL : THIS ARRANGEMENT ROCKS! THE [...]

Unique Colour Changing flowers

Unique Colour Changing Flowers Hydrangea cut flowers come in a huge range of colours including every shade of red, pink and purple as well as in white, green and blue. There are also colour combinations such as green and red, purple and green and flowers with different coloured margins. HYDRANGEA COLOUR CHANGING PROCESS Hydrangeas’ colour-changing [...]

Flower Connection Is Formed

The Flower Connection is a newly-formed company owned and operated by its directors Wayne Dewey and Dale Heritage. Dale has over 20 years experience and considerable expertise in the flower industry, managing the wholesale business for Flower World for many years. Wayne has a Masters degree in business administration and 30 years experience running various [...]


The Flower Connection